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Law Office of Sandra J. Slaga, P.C.

515 North Court Street

Rockford, IL 61103

(815) 968-3402

Attorney at Law

I founded Slaga Law in 2007.  I opened my solo practice for two reasons: first, to develop a legal practice that was consistent with my values and legal philosophy; and second, to fulfill a personal commitment to provide exceptional, cost-effective legal services to non-traditional and traditional individuals, couples and families.

I do law a bit differently.  I maximize technology and am not confined by the usual time and space restrictions of the typical law office.

One more thing.  I go to work each day with the intention of practicing law holistically.  Holistic law, like holistic medicine, emphasizes the whole person, including emotions, values and unique family dynamics. For me, that means honoring and respecting the dignity, integrity and needs of each individual, be it a client, opposing counsel or court staff.

In 1984 I received my license to practice law in Illinois.  I worked for a small, general practice firm and then opened a solo practice in the greater Chicago area.  In 1990 my husband and I decided we’d had enough of the suburbs and moved to Rockford.

I worked as an associate at Morrissey Law Offices from 1991 to 2000.  I gained invaluable experience in not only how to practice personal injury and trial law but in how to be a better human being.

My parents moved to Rockford in 1996, and my mom died of cancer the following summer.   A few years later, my dad became terminally ill, and in early 2000 I left law in order to work toward a healthier life balance.  The most powerful gift of the next year and a half was caring for my terminally ill father.  After he died in the fall of 2001, I chose to be a full-time mom for a while before returning to law.

The “for a while” part lasted seven years.  After concluding that my teenagers were minimally self-sufficient, I embarked upon a diversity of ventures, including writing, substitute teaching and giving unsolicited advice.

In the fall of 2007, I opened this practice.

I’m a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and the Winnebago County Bar Association (including the Family Law, Child Advocacy and Estate Sections.)  I am among a handful of trained Collaborative Law attorneys in the local area and also a certified mediator. I am regularly appointed as a Guardian ad Litem by the 17th Judicial Circuit in highly contested matters.

I live in Rockford, a great northern Illinois town of about 152,000.  Residing there with me are one husband of thirty-three years, one twenty-three-year-old son and twenty-two-year-old daughter, both in college.  Also taking up space there are my two beloved (most of the time) four-leggers:  Sadie the black Lab and Gabbie the mini Dachshund, boss of the world.

About Me

I’m a Midwesterner, born and raised.  I received a J.D. from St. Louis University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri in 1983 and my undergraduate degree (a B.A. in United States History) from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana in 1978.